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Meet James Yang, a Professional Emcee in Singapore who has hosted over 2000 events with his Corporate Clientele Expanding to Over 800 Global Brands.

Looking for an experienced professional emcee in Singapore who is known in the world of weddings and events?

Introducing Emcee James Yang, one of Singapore’s most sought-after Emcees & a veteran in the corporate world and wedding industry.

Singapore Emcee James Yang is a dynamic emcee whose magnetic personality engages the audience unlike any other master of ceremonies. Events hosted by him are like a dialogue between himself and the audience. He speaks, they laugh, he charms, they respond in kind; every moment is compelling and interactive.

His reputation as a Professional Singapore Emcee has gradually risen over the years and his career is proof of his versatility- from celebrities to military personnel and countless event/wedding companies, he’s collaborated with them all. Whichever the occasion, James is often the Top Choice Emcee amongst clients.

Events are not just about entertainment, they’re also about creating great memories and connections. Dynamic, versatile, and bilingual, Emcee James Yang combines his unique style with over 12 years of extensive international experience to guarantee a compelling and entertaining event, one that will be remembered by participants for months on end.

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Singapore Emcee James Yang hosting Wedding Event
Singapore Emcee James Yang hosting Wedding Event
Singapore Emcee James Yang hosting a Wedding
Singapore Emcee James Yang hosting Wedding Event
Singapore Emcee James Yang hosting Wedding Event
Laughter Filled Wedding Events
Singapore Emcee James Yang with Jackie Chan California Fitness Event
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Singapore Emcee James Yang hosting Corporate Event
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Singapore Emcee James Yang Hosting Wedding Event
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Singapore Emcee James Yang with Sherman & Constance Wedding Banquet
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Singapore Emcee James Yang Hosting Corporate Dinner & Dance D&D
Happy Client Who's Engaged James For 6 years

With vast experience of over 12 years, here is a professional Singapore emcee who is well-versed with the nuances of hosting corporate events; be it a live event or a virtual (live-streamed) one. Why not engage the services of an emcee who has already established credibility of hosting events all across the world?

Corporate events in Singapore are infamous for being monotonous. But after hosting corporate events for numerous clients over the past decade, here is an emcee who know how to get uptight employees to loosen up, all within boundaries.

Over the years, multiple clients have had so much fun in events hosted by James that they have constantly booked him on a recurring basis and have also spread his name to sister companies and to other wedding couples. Now that's proof of just how good this emcee is when it comes to interacting with an audience and making an event memorable.

Clientele Of Over
800 Global Brands
13 Countries &
Countless Happy Clients

Singapore Emcee James Yang Happy & Satisfied Clients
Emcee James Yang Singapore with DJ Naz in Shanghai

Not Just in Singapore, Emcee James Has Been Flown
Globally To Host Professionally

Satisfied clients choosing to fly an emcee overseas to host is surely one of the indicators of an able and professional emcee. With global clients & wedding couples from countries like the United States, China, Australia, Greece and Spain, James has established himself as an emcee who entertain his audience, anywhere.

What’s more, here is an emcee who is bilingual and proficient in communicating in Mandarin and English. Truly an emcee who can create a dialogue between an international audience and himself. 

Singapore Emcee James Yang Countries Flown to Host

United States | China
Australia | Greece
Barcelona | Spain | Venice
Thailand | Malaysia
South Korea | Canada
Hong Kong | Indonesia

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