Versatile EMCEE
Impeccable Comic Timing

Sharp Witted, Infectious Enthusiasm

Someone who has worked with Jackie Chan will definitely get your attention, wouldn’t he? Introducing James Yang, one of Singapore’s most sought-after Emcees in the corporate world and wedding industry.

Talented and dynamic emcee whose magnetic personality and infectious enthusiasm rub off on every aspect of his work. His career is proof of his versatility- from Hollywood celebrities like Carrie Underwood to military personnel and politicians, he’s collaborated with them all. 

Events are not just about entertainment, they’re also about creating great memories and connections. Dynamic, versatile, and bilingual, Emcee James Yang combines his unique style with over 12 years of extensive international experience to guarantee the perfect tone for your next big event.

Show Experience 2021+
Experience Spanning
500 Global Brands across
13 Countries

The global pandemic has forced events to come off-stage and arrive on our screens. Without the comfort of the atmosphere and ambiance of the event space, the host has now become the most vital role of any event.

James understands the importance and nuances of both "Live" & "Live-Streamed" events and strives to replicate the same on stage dynamism and engagement in your next online event; without a drop in energy.

Countries Emcee James Has Been Flown to Host

United States
Australia, Greece
Barcelona, Spain, Venice
Thailand, Malaysia
South Korea
Hong Kong

Lets Watch Him In Action!