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Hey Emcee James Yang!

Calvin Teo and I would like to thank you for emcee-ing our wedding! Thanks for saving our butts and brilliantly entertaining our guests when our JP was unfortunately caught in a jam and was late for the solemnisation for close to 10min. Can’t imagine how awkward it would have been, if we didn’t have you to fill the time for us.
Many of our guests commented that you were a super-funny and great emcee and that they have not enjoyed themselves so much at a wedding banquet before. A few of them even asked us for your contact details so that they can recommend to others.
Thanks so much for bringing much fun and laughter to our special day 🙂

For my wedding prep, I found reading all the reviews and comments on forums very informative and useful. I thought I’d “payback” and contribute a review on my wedding emcee – James Yang.

Ever since the start of my wedding prep, I knew I wanted to hire a professional emcee to emcee my wedding. As a marketing professional, I know how important an emcee is for an event with more than 150 attendees.

I knew James back in university (where he emceed for one of my events when I was in the students’ union. He had also many years back, emceed one of the events my company organised as well as a friend’s wedding. And after watching some of his emcee-ing stints on youtube, I was very sure James was the emcee we wanted.

And we were right.

Prior to the Wedding
James asked to meet up, as he wanted to ask us a few questions to get to know us and our style better.

We also had a brief discussion of the actual day timeline. Being very experienced, James also shared many tips and things which we previously did not know about. (Like it would not have occurred to us to prepare a ‘march-out’ song for solemnisation. For solemnisation, the bride will walk in with her dad. And the march-out is when the bride and groom walks out together, for the very first time.)

Actual Day
Unfortunately, our JP was late for our solemnisation as he was caught in a jam. Just imagine how awkward it would be, if 100 pax had to wait in a room for the JP to arrive for the solemnisation to start.

But thankfully, we had James there. Seriously a life-saver. James brilliantly entertained our guests, by ‘interviewing’ the groom with hilarious questions and comments.

During the banquet, James livened up the atmosphere and kept our guests breaking out in laughter. James is extremely quick-witted with a great sense of humour. He did such great a job that it was really beyond our expectations. Many friends and relatives told us that our emcee was great and they really enjoyed the wedding banquet.

If we could choose again, we would definitely still choose James as our emcee. If you are looking for a wedding emcee, do consider James. If he does not fit into your budget, do consider increasing your budget. He’s well worth it 

Emcee James Yang with Calvin and Feng Yi Gui

Calvin Teo & Feng Yi Gui

Wedding Client

Emcee James Yang!

Jian Ming and I would like to thank you for being our emcee on our big day! You were humourous, able to bring the people together despite the older crowd, entertaining the guests, thus making the night a memorable and enjoyable one for everyone. Our friends and guests sing many praises about you and ask for your contacts for future events! We have no regrets engaging you to be our emcee and we hope you also enjoyed that night too! Do keep in touch!

Emcee James Yang Pui Han Jian Ming

Pui Han & Jiang Ming

Wedding Client

Our wedding lunch was held at RWS. As we do not have gate crashing video and hope to have our love ones enjoy this event as they travel far to attend, we seek for a professional emcee on this job done. We got Emcee James Yang!
We did a short and fun meet up few weeks before the wedding. Telling him about us and what we expect. James understood us well and also propose ideas to make the wedding more interesting. Lunch wedding was very rush and very tight. We didn’t even meet James until our first march in. But everything was smooth and I’ve feedbacks on him troubleshooting with the hotel staffs. The whole event was smooth with him around.
Feedbacks from my friends and relative:
“Your emcee was great, I enjoyed it”
“Best wedding, I’ve attended yet”
This guy is everywhere.
You google: sg emcee, you get him.
You ask for friends intro, you get him.
You ask other emcee to intro, you get him too!
Mr James Yang, is my highly recommended Emcee if you wish for a memorable event of your life!
Emcee James Yang with Alfie Yap

Alfie Yap

Wedding Client

Hi Emcee James Yang!!

Thank you for hosting my wedding on sunday!! It was superbly fun and u managed to prove my choice is right for having u as my emcee!!! 

Our guests have been giving lots of compliments about u even till today!! It is also very rare to have 85% guests still enjoying the dinner up till 11- 11.30pm especially on Sunday night! I had one guest told me on monday: “my soul still stays in ur wedding night”!!

Im so proud to have u and thank you very much for this memorable and successful night!!
Emcee James Yang with Caryn Kwan

Caryn Kwan

Wedding Client

Been collaborating with James since 2014 and his willingness to work with our agency to achieve the best show outcome is the reason why we keep going back.

Emcee James’ energy on-stage is very addictive too, audience is always entertained by his jokes and comic actions. Looking forward to our next overseas trip together!

Emcee James Yang with Qifen Wang

Qifen Wang

Events Company

It was definitely our honour to have James as the Emcee for our wedding reception in Singapore. My wife and I were first introduced to James by our pre-wedding photographer who was full of praises about how funny and entertaining James is as an Emcee. At first, we were simply curious about how James would be in person; after our first meeting we were certain that James is the one we are looking for.

In addition to being effectively bilingual in English and Mandarin (key attribute we were looking for), what sets James apart is his high positive energy that naturally radiates to everyone around him. We knew that James would be able to charm our guests. Throughout our interactions, James is very sincere and pays close attention to our needs and requests. Not only did James lead the wedding program professionally, James was also very spontaneous and highly adaptive to all situations; I do not recall any awkward moment that James did not react prompting to. After our wedding, most of our guests were raving about how they were kept engaged and entertained throughout.

I will definitely recommend James to anyone who requires emcee services.

Thank you James for making our wedding an engaging and memorable event, for us and our guests.

Professional Singapore Emcee James Yang

Lee Lin Xi

Wedding Client

It was our greatest pleasure to have Emcee James Yang as our Emcee on our wedding day. He is very professional in his work and he managed to create a happy and romantic mood to engage all our guests during our special day. There was not even a single time whereby our guest started to get bored. We are very satisfied in how he led and carried out the program overall.

We received many compliments from our family and friends too! Most of our guests mentioned that our Emcee is very good when they discussed about our wedding or to congratulate us. Even our Justice of Peace mentioned that James has done a great job!

What we love most about James is his skills to entertain our guests and keep them engaged. He carried out the wedding program professionally and yet still managed to put in some jokes here and there to bring the mood more lively. I’ll definitely recommend James to other couples as not only can you rely on him on your most important day to carry out the program professionally and smoothly with much entertainment, but also he provides good service which I believe contributes greatly to high customer satisfaction.

Thank you James for making our wedding a memorable and fun one!

Emcee James Yang With Standford Widjaja

Standford Widjaja

Wedding Client

Emcee James Yang…what can I say. He is more than just an emcee, he gives more than he should and always put his heart and soul in everything he does.

Within an hour, James is able to absorb all the information about us as a couple although it was the first time we met. I love how he sum our story up seamlessly at the wedding celebration. It’s called a celebration and James definitely brought so much joy and laughter to the ground with his quick-witted jokes and comebacks!

The fact that James is bilingual also helped put us at peace as we have a number of elders in the crowd.

He is able to connect instantly, and created a sense of warmth in the atmosphere. No doubt all the guests were thoroughly entertained and all smiles throughout the night. James is the only one we’d entrust such a milestone occasion in our lives, and yes, it is true when he said his job is ‘making others happy’.

Emcee James Yang With Cheryl Bok

Cheryl Bok

Wedding Client

I first met James at an event and invited him to emcee for the Singapore Red Cross Benefit Gala. I was delighted when he accepted my invitation and that he was happy to support charitable work and fundraising.

We were privileged to have Emcee James Yang at the Singapore Red Cross Benefit Gala 2019 in celebration of our 70th Anniversary at Shangri La Hotel alongside Hossan Leong.

The level of professionalism he brought with him went above our expectations. With more than 500 guests in attendance, James’s professionalism commanded the stage and kept all of our guests entertained and engaged with his energy and banter throughout the night. It was an evening of entertainment indeed! James is also effectively bilingual and will be suitable for events with mandarin speaking guests.

Thank you James, for sharing your talent with us and contributing to the event’s success. We look forward to working with you again.

Mrs Genevieve Jeffs
Chairperson, Singapore Red Cross Benefit Gala 2019

Emcee James Yang With Genevieve Jeffs Peggy

Mrs Genevieve Jeffs

Chairperson, Singapore Red Cross Benefit Gala 2019

Truly the best emcee and the best decision made to engage him to be the host of our wedding.

All our guests had such a great time and many asked for his contacts from us after the wedding as they wish to engage his services too. We have also received many compliments about how well run the wedding and that it was the best wedding celebration experience they had.

Thank you Emcee James Yang for making that special day an unforgotten one. We hope in the future if we decided to have a silver jubilee celebration, you can be our emcee once again.

Singapore Emcee James Yang with Marv & Victoria Yun Wei

Victoria Yun Wei

Wedding Client

If you’re thinking about corporate events or wedding, one will never leave James out of your list! James has hosted my wedding and it was an unforgettable experience for myself and my guests.

Most of my family members have been engaging him to host our milestone events, and he’s definitely one helluva emcee who knows how to pump up the atmosphere with his humour and leave us wanting more all the time!

It was difficult to get him host my wedding as his schedule is always full. Really fortunate that all went better than I expected.

Really thank Emcee James Yang for making my experience an unforgettable one.

Singapore Emcee James Yang Happy Wedding Client Review

Jezebel Yeng

Wedding Client

Due to restrictions imposed because of Covid19, our initial plan of engaging live band was cancelled and thank God it was cancelled otherwise we wouldn’t have met James! 

Engaging James as our wedding emcee was the best decision ever!!!! He even made the extra effort to find out about the background of our guests/family so that he could interact with them during the wedding.

Our wedding was filled with soooo much laughter thanks to him! ALL of our guests gave awesome feedbacks about him. It was definitely worth every penny!! Thank you James for being part of our wedding!!!!!

Singapore Emcee James Yang hosting a Wedding

Lee Jian Yao

Wedding Client

We know of James from a friend who had such a deep impression of the wedding hosted by James. Truly the best emcee and the best decision made to engage him to be the host of our wedding.

All our guests had such a great time and many asked for his contacts from us after the wedding as they wish to engage his services too. We have also received many compliments about how well run the wedding and that it was the best wedding celebration experience they had.

Thank you Emcee James Yang for making that special day an unforgotten one. We hope in the future if we decided to have a silver jubilee celebration, you can be our emcee once again.

Singapore Emcee James Yang Hosting Wedding Dinner

Marv Lim

Wedding Client

It was an amazing experience to have James as my wedding emcee. My guests loved him as he blends in and lightened up the atmosphere, making my wedding event something that no one else experienced before.

I’ve gotten many praises from them that my wedding is one of the best or even the best that they have ever attended, and it’s all thanks to James!

What’s even better is that he’s bilingual. I must say a wedding is not just about the couple, but it’s also about the people who are taking part to make the whole experience a memorable one.

Emcee James Yang himself is a very well-mannered and flexible person on the job. He’s professional, quick-witted and has his own ways to react and keep the event running smoothly even if there are unexpected hiccups along the way. JUST LEAVE THE JOB TO HIM!

Just a piece of advice – make your bookings early with him, be it business or weddings events, as his schedule is always full. Keep up the good work James!

Singapore Emcee James Yang Happy Wedding Client Review

Byden Neo

Wedding Client

Emcee James Yang has a wealth of experience in connecting with people and understands the focus of the event very quickly.

He can immediately put people he just met (my client) at ease, gain confidence and bring together an event beautifully.

He is polished, friendly, witty – all in one. Most of all, his sincerity makes you want to work with him again.

Singapore Emcee James Yang Happy Client Esther National Day

Esther Eio

Corporate Client (Government)

James Yang’s professionalism as an all-rounded Emcee is unparalleled, which is why we have been using him for many years.

As the apex law firm in Southeast Asia, we have immensely high standards for our emcee/ host at our events.

As you would imagine, hosting events in front of 700 top lawyers, attorneys and litigators from the region can be especially un-nerving.

James have always exceeded our expectations and never fail to excel. Without a doubt, I would recommend him for any corporate and social event as the perfect host.

Professional Singapore Emcee James Yang

Jimmy Lim

Corporate Client (Law Firm)

Review for Emcee James Yang

I first met James at another wedding that he was emceeing at. It was by far the most entertaining wedding I had ever been to as he had a knack for filling the room with laughter and joy. When my wife and I got married however, it was during the covid period, and we were concerned about the regulations and whether James would still be able to host as magically as he did in the past. It turned out in the end that James literally saved our wedding from several disasters that happened. This review is really out of genuine gratitude, because without James, our wedding would have been very difficult to handle.

Our First Meeting

You could tell straight up from the first meeting that James had been doing this for a long time. When we met him, he was very knowledgeable about things like locations (because he’s emceed in almost every hotel and restaurant that I brought up) and for Monti where we were, he helped us look at some blind spots we missed in planning. He shared experiences to help us with guest preparations, potential sound issues and of course the plan itself.

In addition to sharing, James also started doing his homework from the first meeting. He asked about our background, our families and really got to know us on a friend level. During our wedding, he used all of our information to make “inside jokes” that somehow every guest understood. He connected very well with our families and friends with the information we provided, and all our families had the same feedback, “wah! Your friend ah… super good! Should be professional emcee!”. Due to covid, we couldn’t hire a band at the time and we weren’t allowed to get any kind of performance. However, with James and his voice and his charm and very quick wits, we didn’t need any kind of entertainment.

Before the meeting concluded, James set the terms very clearly and the prices of whatever addons we may have wanted. He gave us very good advice and was not pushy at all. My wife and I already decided before we started our discussion and we hired James on the spot with one addon (James’s extra DJ) which on hindsight we will forever be grateful for doing because the resident DJ of the restaurant took MC on our wedding.

The Solemnization

During the solemnization, some things did not go according to plan as things weren’t set up in time. The wedding would have become very messy, and people would have been impatient and confused as to what was going on. This was the first time James saved our wedding. He took initiative and started talking ahead of schedule and he started reigning the guests into the mood. He was like a magician; captivating the attention of the guests to exactly where he needed their focus to be. He made jokes, sang, described the beautiful background and interviewed guests in a joking manner. He managed to distract the guests to the point where almost nobody noticed the issues we thought were glaring obvious! Most importantly, he organized everybody to be seated and calm and in anticipation of the march in.

During the ceremony itself, James was respectful and knew when to bow out for our solemnizer to take over. He also knew exactly when to transition back in because he was very clear on the program and he was on point in helping us arrange for the photo taking (which was actually more difficult due to the covid restrictions). James was very firm on the required covid restrictions to protect us and at the same time he was very funny about it, which put our guests at ease while order continued to be maintained. We took pictures with 100 people in like 20 minutes. It was great.

If we did not have James during our solemnization, there would have been a mass of people all unsure what to do next, possibly breaking covid laws which would open us up to liability and the worse of all, it would have reflected badly on us. We probably wouldn’t have been able to finish taking pictures with everybody and the dinner would have been delayed. We are thankful that James was there, and he took the initiative to get everybody in order both at the beginning and at the end of the solemnization (even though neither is actually his job!).

The Wedding Dinner

During the wedding dinner, James saved our wedding for the second time. There was a mix up within the restaurant’s programming and at the same time the original AV guy broke his arm and took MC, which means there was nobody there to play music or our march in song or any of the montages and content for the program. James went in, found this out, coordinated with one of my brothers on the content needed and then he sorted the entire mess out. AFTER he finished sorting everything out, he came to us and told us the problem (then we freaked out a bit) before telling us to relax, because he had a solution and was just asking for our approval. Of course we were happy to just say ‘OK do what you need to’, and the entire issues was solved. I found out later that if James hadn’t fixed this, we would not have had any content playing for our wedding montage, nor would we have had our second march in song, nor would we have been able to hear any music during the dinner. We still think about this today, and are still very thankful for our decision to have hired James.

As funny and charming and witty as James is, he was always mindful not to steal the show from my wife and me. I noticed on hindsight that he was always drawing everyone’s attention, building up the mood, getting everyone excited, and then after that channeling that energy to us. Everyone was drinking, including friends and family that normally don’t drink and there was just consistent laughter and joy in every table that we went to.

James had his own DJ who played a custom list of songs based on how the crowd was feeling. We had friends dancing at their own tables whilst still in their seats and you could tell that if covid regulations weren’t around, the entire wedding would have become a dance fest. I believe that James was responsible for this through the way he built the crowds.

When we asked our friends for honest feedback on the night, James was the one constant positive that we got. Many people believed that he was our actual friend because of the level of personalization he had and the depth of knowledge he employed to set up and execute jokes.

We feel that because James conducts himself as an absolute professional, he ensures that everything related to his job of Emceeing is done to the best standards, and because he has vast experiences of many events, he is able to see disasters before they happen, and then stop them dead in their tracks.

Our wedding would not have been as successful, and a lot more painful for us if we did not have him watching our backs. I am very grateful that James was at my wedding, and I personally highly recommend him to everyone who has an important event that cannot go wrong.

Singapore Emcee James Yang Hosting Wedding Event

Joel Lim

Wedding Client

Emcee James Yang was instrumental for our wedding and it was his talent and quick thinking that made our big day memorable till today.

I still remember vividly how James worked with both of us and planned out light hearted games to engage our guests. One of the best comments from our guest was, “I’ve been to so many weddings and your wedding is definitely one that is memorable. The jokes from the emcee made the event very enjoyable. Its unlike most wedding where we either remember the food or hotel, we remember your wedding because of the great Emcee you had.”

Bro, thank you sooooo much for making our wedding an unforgettable and memorable one. Your Emcee skills really got all my guests asking for more. Without you our wedding won’t be able to proceed as planned… We want to take this opportunity to acknowledge you as the best emcee ever! Never would I have imagine that some of my guests actually came up to me and ask for your contact as they are interested to engage your services. Kudos!

Lastly, your quick witted brain and macho voice combined to mesmerize my mum, relatives, friends and most importantly all my VIPs(Bosses). Thank you bro!

From the time we engaged him till the actual day, James never once made us worry as a first-timer. Fast forward to the big day, James not only covered our grand banquet but also our ROM where it was beautifully done.

Once again, thank you James. From Jess Chong Pei Ting and Akc Ang

Singapore Emcee James Yang Satisfied Wedding Client

Jess Chong Pei Ting and Akc Ang

Wedding Client

We were fortunate to have witnessed James as an emcee at a friend’s wedding. On that same night, we decided to approach him at the end of the ceremony and exchange contact numbers. Did not matter that our wedding was 1.5 years away.. We were blown away and knew we had found the best person for the job 🙂
Fast forward to few weeks before our wedding. Many couples get stressed out over the night’s agenda, how much time to allocate for each event, what happens if there’s a delay etc. Thankfully my wife and I were in steady hands. James guided us through the process and provided valuable inputs. Needless to say, our dinner went smoothly.
As an emcee, James brings the right mix of energy and humour. Switching fluently between dialects, he connected well with the crowd and entertained them throughout. No need for a live band or side entertainment. Friends and relatives even requested for his contact at the end of the night.
James – Vivian and I appreciate all that you’ve done for us on our wedding night. Truly an amazing experience!
Singapore Emcee James Yang hosting a Wedding

Jian Hao Chan

Wedding Client

Emcee James Yang is a wonderful professional emcee to work with. Our events agency has worked with him on numerous shows both in Singapore and overseas over the years.

We have always received fantastic reviews from clients on his showmanship and professionalism on stage.

Known to be quick-witted, funny and very talented, James is someone whom I will strongly recommend for your next show.

Singapore Emcee James Yang Happy Client - Andrew Koh

Andrew Koh

Events Architects (Events Company)

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