What Kind Of Wedding Emcee Would You Like to Have in Singapore?

If your answer to that question is – a Singapore Wedding Emcee who can deliver me a laughter-filled, classy & memorable wedding celebration, I think you may have arrived at the right place.

When we ask couples’ what their reasons are to engage Emcee James Yang to host their big day, their answers are always to the tune of – “We want everyone to laugh and have fun!”, “We don’t want a boring wedding“, “We just want everyone to relax and have a good time” “We need a professional bilingual emcee!

If their reasons happen to be the same as yours, we are pretty sure you will find Emcee James Yang the perfect choice, just as how these couples felt.  (and here.)

“Emcee James’ energy on-stage is very addictive too, the audience is always entertained by his jokes and comic actions” – Qifen Wang

Truly the best wedding emcee singapore and the best decision made to engage him to be the host of our wedding.” – Marv

In times when you can easily get yourself a wedding script from a simple online search, why would you want to hire the services of a wedding emcee in Singapore who just reads through it? A friend with great oratory skills would be able to do that. 

Enters Funny Man Emcee James Yang, an emcee with tonnes of experience under this belt, is professional, so enjoyable to watch and delivers his wit so sharply he can misdirect any obstacle/roadblock that frequently happens during a wedding.

The job of a wedding emcee in Singapore is supposedly simple; you just have to read the script. But one would also have to be mindful of the undue stress that goes along with it, especially to an unprofessional emcee. The preparation to be done, the constant reading of subtle cues from the audience, requirements of the wedding couple, time-sensitive cues from the hotel staff and wedding coordinator; whilst rushing to consume the wedding food, if one ever gets time. 

Instead, why not hire the services of this professional emcee whose infectious personality will guarantee to bring smiles to the audience and vivid memories for your big day?

Your search for a professional wedding emcee has come to an end. 

Meet Singapore’s Wedding Emcee James Yang. 

Having emceed over 12 years of wedding events big and small, this emcee understands how important the day is for the bride and the groom and works skillfully before and during the wedding celebration to ensure it’s a success.

Get in touch with James now or spend some time reading through some of the feedback wedding couples have given James!

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